Partner with Knight of Truth Media

Now Christian schools can collaborate with Knight of Truth Media in a new way. Become a KoT partner. Spread the Word on campus by offering witness wear in campus book stores.  Pick the items you want. As a partner you can even customize the items with your school logo.  It's not just product, it's power... the majority of all KoT items contain Scripture verses. For more informationcontact a Knight of Truth representative today.

Fundraise with Knight of Truth Media

Make your fundraiser a "faithraiser" too! Spread the word of God with Christian apparel and accessories. 

Choose your favorite Knight of Truth products and we'll create your own fundraising catalog. You can even customize products to fit your school or church.* Make selling easier. Download the KoT app on your mobile device. Show your phone to friends and family when you're out, and let them browse your fundraiser store. Place your order at the end of the sale and earn money for your organization! It really is that simple. 

* Designs not exclusive to your organization.

The Knight of Truth Clothing Line


Join the Movement

Knight of Truth Media is not just a store. We go beyond that. We offer resources for individuals, families and groups that will support  you in your prayer efforts. Our devotionals, apps, e-books, audio CDs, DVDs, emails and inspirational texts make it easier for people (of all ages) to remain conscious of God's presence in busy, day-to-day life.

Additionally, you can join us in various prayer initiatives.  Pray the KoT "prayer of the month". Pray for the "intention of the month".  Join the movement and become a Knight, a fellow defender of the one, true faith in Jesus Christ.


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